About Me

I'm Olivia but I go by Leafy!

I live in the North of BC, Canada. Like really really far North.
And I share my life with my super cyuuute husband, Landon. We have a dog named Gear and a tiny new human!

Making things is my passion! I've been sewing since 1999 where I learned in the 8th grade. I was so excited! I didn't have anyone at home to teach me or even a sewing machine to use. After that sewing class ended, I didn't want to stop! My mom bought me my first sewing machine on Craigslist from a lady for $40. I still have it!

Knitting is another thing I'm really into. Like a lot. Luckily I did have someone to show me the basics, my Grandma! I have a very fond memory of sitting in her kitchen trying to form those first knit stitches. It was pretty frustrating, so then we made tapioca. I've come a long way from those beginning stitches to make hats, socks and sweaters. To just about everything in between! Except blankets. That's what crochet is for! I'm an okay crocheter. I've got the basics + Google!

I'm also into spinning yarn, dyeing yarn & spinning fibre, cross stitching and gardening. Oh I'm also starting quilting. Naturally that's an insane amount of things to make. So I kind of go on a wild crafting spree in a particular area for different periods of time.

Oy and did I mention I'm a huge nerd and play lots of video games? Mostly MMOs, I've done them all! Currently into World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online. If I'm needing a quick fix you'll find me playing Heroes of the Storm. And if I feel like wasting my whole day, I'll play Rimworld.